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CCTV – Sewer Survey

Drains UK 2000 provide a comprehensive CCTV inspection service of all types of pipes and drains. Our engineers use the latest equipment and advanced drain technology to inspect the condition of drains, sewers and pipelines both quickly and efficiently.

The cause of an underground drainage problem is not always immediately obvious and in such circumstances a CCTV Drain Inspection is the most effective method of taking a detailed look at the condition of a drain or sewer. In the same instance it can also be useful in identifying issues before they become more serious.

The most effective method of taking a detailed look at the condition of a drain or sewer

Using sophisticated remotely-controlled camera equipment and industry leading Wincan data capture software, we are able to carry out an accurate assessment of a drainage system, locating the cause of the problem whilst also assessing the structural condition of the drain.

Full technical reports are generated on site to international sewer defect coding standards, and reported in Wrc MSCC 3rd or 4th Edition. The images and footage we capture is relayed to our mobile van unit and assessed by our technicians, with video recorded to DVD or hard disk in MPEG 1, MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 formats.

CCTV Survey data is subject to Drains UK 2000 rigorous quality control procedures prior to final report compilation before dispatch to our client.

What faults and abnormalities does a CCTV survey detect?

  • Broken/Damaged Pipework
  • Water Ingress
  • Root Intrusion
  • Collapsed Drains
  • Fat & Grease build up
  • Displaced Joints – Cracks/Fractures

Our Cameras: Technical Specifications

All of our mainline CCTV systems run a 500 metre fibre optic cable.

Camera specification Axial camera
Inspection range DN 50 and up to 225
Lighting 36 white LEDs, controllable
Camera specification Pan and tilt camera
Inspection range DN 100 and up to 1800
Zoom 3x digital
Lighting 40 white LEDs, controllable
Pressure Monitoring 2 integrated pressure sensors
Integrated laser & detector transmitter Yes

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