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High Pressure Water Jetting / Root Cutting

All drainage systems require cleaning at some point in time. High Pressure Water Jetting is one of the most efficient and environmentally sensitive cleaning methods available when dealing with reduced flow and blockages in drains and pipework.

Our fully trained engineers use powerful jets of water commanding pressures of up to 4000psi to efficiently strip away deposits from pipe walls, flush out debris and remove encrustation, restoring free-flowing drainage conditions. Build-ups of fat, grease, silt and even hard substances such as scale or cement can all
be removed with relative ease.

High Pressure Water Jetting can also be used to ensure that process pipework is kept clean and clear of obstructions, preventing reduced manufacturing efficiency or failure. Boiler scale, carbon deposits, polymer resins, milk scale and even concrete can be successfully removed using this technique.

The versatility of water jetting does not stop there however. Similar techniques can be applied to strip even the toughest dirt and deposits from floors, walls, tanks, machinery, rubbish chutes and skips.

Additional applications using high pressure water jetting include the removal of road/runway markings, graffiti, cement spillages and layers of grease from garage floors.

Our fleet of small jetting van pack units are fully equipped to tackle most domestic blockage issues, whilst our larger high pressure jetting and suction combination units, and tankers are at hand if the situation requires.

Root/Intrusion Cutting

Tree roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes and are reported to be responsible for over half of all sewer blockages. With the use of high pressure water powered cutting equipment we are able to cut away tree roots and other fibrous plant material both effectively and efficiently.

Drains UK 2000 command both the equipment and the required expertise for the effective assessment and repair of pipelines that have been damaged as a result of root intrusion. Our specialist root cutting equipment is designed to clean sewers from 100mm to 450mm in diameter. The skid assembly positions the root cutter in the middle of the sewer line creating quick and efficient sewer cleaning.

Our Cutters: Features & Benefits

KEG Super Plus 200:
For 200mm-500mm pipe diameter.
Equipped with three chain inserts, adjustable to pipe size.
Ensures the removal of all roots and 95% of all deposits.
KEG Hummingbird DN 50:
Time and energy-saving operation.
90° lateral applications possible (without swivel joint).
Efficient cleaning by self-sharpening chains.

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