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Robotic Cutting

Robotic cutting has fast become one of our most versatile and cost-effective solutions for many of the processes attributed to sewer rehabilitation.

Our robotic cutting services are very highly regarded and have saved our clients thousands of pounds in situations where a costly excavation process would have been the only alternative. Using advanced robotic equipment and highly skilled operators we are able to cut away obstructions and remotely repair pipe defects with high levels of precision.

For developers and construction companies, the problems of intruding laterals and displaced rubber rings can be dealt with using robotic cutters, saving valuable time and money during the construction phase. Cutters operated by Drains UK 2000 are also capable of penetrating concrete and stone blockages, making them equally suitable for domestic household and private properties.

Robotic cutting units are also put to good use by our sewer rehabilitation team during the preparation of pipes for re-lining or patch repairs, removing any intrusions or roots prior to repair.

The Cutting Process

Using accurate joystick control the robotic cutter is expertly guided through the affected pipework to the scene of the intrusion or blockage. All our cutters are equipped with very powerful cutting motors and feature on-board cameras, eliminating the need for auxiliary CCTV inspection equipment. Rinse nozzles on the equipment ensure a clear view of the cutting process is maintained at all times by cleaning cutting debris from the camera lenses.

Once sewer rehabilitation is complete robotic units can also be deployed to re-open lateral connections in the relined pipes. A process by which the cutter is inserted into the pipe through a manhole and using coordinated measurements is remotely navigated to the lateral connection. Here the cutter makes an initial hole in the lateral to relieve any flow that may have accumulated, before completely removing the remainder of the lining material and restoring the connection.

Our Cutters: Features & Benefits

IMS Micro Comfort:
Excellent manoeuvrability through 90 degree bends.
Precision cutting to re-open laterals in 100mm, 150mm and 225mm pipes.
30 m/98,40 ft supply hose on drum.
Integrated colour camera with air and water cleaning.
IMS Micro Drive 2 (DN 150 – 400):
Robust cutting robot for small and main sewers 150mm – 400mm pipes.
High operating flexibility due to 3 freedom degrees (driving movement, rotation and swivelling of the cutting arm).
Powerful air-powered cutting motor.
Precise operation by cable remote control with 2 joysticks for swivelling, turning and driving.
Perfect cutting control through integrated colour camera with LED lighting.

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