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Sewer Rehabilitation / Pipe Relining

All site personnel of Drains UK 2000 are highly trained in the rehabilitation of sewers, drains and pipelines. Using specialist relining techniques we provide effective solutions for the repair and restoration of pipelines without the need for costly excavations.

It is our aim to provide the best and most appropriate rehabilitation solution on every site we work, we therefore ensure that prior to any renovation work a comprehensive CCTV inspection is undertaken to provide a detailed report on the nature of the problem.

Wherever possible and appropriate our engineers will use ‘no dig’ methods

A CCTV survey is also carried out immediately after relining work is completed to provide assurance that the liner has not only been correctly installed but is also free of any faults or defects.

Sewer Inspection Services

Drains UK 2000 provide a comprehensive CCTV inspection service of all types of pipes and drains. For further information please contact us.

Relining Methods

Wherever it is possible and appropriate our engineers will use ‘no dig’ methods such as relining and patch relining to repair damaged sewers and drains.

These techniques are faster, more cost-effective and cause less disruption than excavation methods.

‘Premier-Pipe’ CIPP Sewer Relining

Premier-pipe is a unique ‘cured in place pipe’ lining product, individually manufactured to the specific dimensions and requirements of the pipe for which it is produced.

Everything from the size and thickness of the lining down to the choice of liquid resin used to impregnate the lining tube is determined by the individual requirements of the pipe and its working environment.

‘Premier-Patch’ Patch Relining

An excellent solution for the relining of short isolated sections of pipeline. Premier-Patch is available for pipe diameters ranging from 150mm to 1m, with the patches themselves generally installed in 600mm and 1000mm lengths.

Drains UK 2000 Relining Services

Drains UK 2000 are able to re-line sewers from 100mm up to 600mm diameters, and up to 100 metres plus in length (depending on site and pipe conditions).

We offer a comprehensive range of both liquid resins and liner thickness.

For a full specification of our liner options please contact us.

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