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Tanker and Waste Removal Service

Inevitably some drainage issues are much more severe than others. Problems on a large scale are dealt with by our tankers and combination jet/vac units.

Our mini-combination units are capable of carrying up to 1,000 gallons of clean water, making them invaluable on sites where water supply is limited and very useful for large scale applications.

Armed with powerful jetters these tankers can blast away debris from pipes of up to 600mm in diameter.

Debris, builder’s rubble and tree roots can all be removed from sewers and drains, making them particularly effective in industrial or municipal situations.

Blockages can be effectively broke down without the risk of flooding

Our combination units are equally as effective when dealing with projects of a large scale. These specialist jet/vac units work by combining high pressured water with a high powered vacuum unit to apply both pressure and suction to a blockage.

This technique ensures blockages can be effectively broke down without the risk of flooding. They are also capable of vacuuming excess water and waste whilst simultaneously carrying out large scale cleaning projects.

All Drains UK 2000 tankers and combination units are operated by personnel who are fully trained and work to the latest health and safety practices.

Any waste that is removed is dealt with under the latest waste regulations.

Drains UK 2000 can provide tankers to deal with both water and waste as follows:

  • Emptying of cesspits, septic tanks
  • Flooded basements, cellars
  • Sewage spillage
  • Flood water removal and disposal
  • Gully emptying
  • Flash flood waste removal
  • Sewer flood water clearance
  • Restricted access

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