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UV Lining – Coming Soon

At Drains UK 2000 we continually strive to improve the level of service we offer our clients. A big part of this is the identification of advancements in the technology and techniques we use to carry out our work. UV lining is one such advancement.

UV sewer rehabilitation is a reliable CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) process with a track record that is proven worldwide.

It’s fast and pollution free installation process make it a first choice for any pipe rehabilitation project where conventional repairs may be considered.


The lining tube used within the UV CIPP process is made of glass reinforced fabrics and is pre (factory) impregnated with a liquid resin suited specifically for the working environment of the pipe.

The structural qualities and high hoop strength of the material mean that wall thickness’ can be kept to a minimum, minimising loss of internal pipe diameter.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Unlike other sewer rehabilitation techniques, the curing agent used in this process poses no risk of contamination to watercourses, as the resin is enclosed within the inner and outer membranes of the liner.

An added benefit of UV lining is that the power requirement of the UV lights themselves is a minimal carbon cost in comparison with older steam and hot water cured solutions.

Installation Process

What makes this service so unique is the incredible speed by which the UV liner is installed. The robust lining material, cut (prior to installation) to fit the diameter of the pipe, is fed into the affected section and inflated by air. A UV light train is then pulled through the lining tube at a pre-determined speed, curing the material tightly to the wall of the original pipe. Once the curing process is complete the lining ends are cut and trimmed and any laterals covered during the process are re-opened using a robotic cutter.

This process creates a lining that is both strong and durable, and dramatically increases the life span of the pipe.

Key Advantages of UV Lining

  • ‘No-Dig’ technology
  • Material thickness can be specified
  • Reduced carbon and site footprints
  • Pipeline renovation offering the highest structural qualities
  • Faster installation
  • No process water
  • A fraction of the cost of pipe replacement
  • Minimal hydraulic reduction

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